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As Air Force members, we know the challenges our military members face when away from their homes and families.  That’s why we are proud to offer Tyndall AFB Lodging. Conveniently located, we offer a fully furnished and stocked house that you’ll love coming home to each day.  Lease one of our beautiful properties today!

DON’T get stuck with Roommates

All of our properties are available only to YOU, the guest.  Let’s face it, the typical military crashpad crams TDY members into a single house.  Not only is this awkward, but conflicting schedules between guests, often leads to a unpleasant experience.  If you would like to bring your family or pets and have your own unique space, we have a property for you.  If you are traveling TDY with friends and don’t mind sharing a space, we have a property for you.  Either choice, YOU, the guest are in control!

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Drop us a line with the your TDY dates and location. Make the most of your trip by bringing your family and/or pets.


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We follow the JTR line by line and guarantee your stay with us qualifies in DTS with no out of pocket expense… NO off base approval or non-availibity slips required.


Enjoy your Stay

In addition to a relaxing stay we include personalize amenities such as weekly cleanings, fully stocked fridge, meal delivery, gym/golf memberships, and more!

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Amenities & Perks

Every reservation with Tyndall CrashPads INCLUDES unparalleled perks and amenities customized specifically to YOU, the guest.  Examples include meal delivery from Hello Fresh or Whole Foods, bi-weekly cleanings, golf or resort memberships, spa or massage packages, and free paddle boards to keep. Ultimately, it is what you decide… the sky is the limit! Come check out what makes Tyndall CrashPads stand out from the rest.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

No Out-of-Pocket Expenses

We guarantee you’ll never have to dip into your own pockets for any expenses we charge during your stay! Our team? A squad of ex-military Resource Advisors who eat the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), DTS, and reimbursement methods for breakfast. Seriously, they know their stuff.

Financial Protection

Changed or canceled orders? No worries. You won’t owe a dime. Not now, not ever.

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Curious for more? Check out our FAQs. Trust us, they’re more exciting than you’d think!

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The Tyndall AFB Lodging bedrooms are designed to be your oasis away from home.  By choosing to stay at our properties you are guaranteed a solid night’s rest.  Each bedroom offers new queen or king size pillow top mattresses with high count soft linens and multiple pillows of different firmness for your choosing.  Simply ask if you have a unique bedding request or preference and we will have everything ready day one of your stay!


The kitchens in our Tyndall AFB Lodging homes are fully stocked with everything you need to make a delicious meal.  If you are an avid chef and need a specialized cooking instrument or tool, just let us know and we will make sure it is available day one of your stay.  Additionally, for our guests who will be staying with us long-term, we will INCLUDE a stocked fridge and pantry with the food items of your choosing.  Lastly, you may be eligible for our complementary meal preparation / food delivery plans!  Our goal is to offer a one of a kind unique and personalized amenities you will not find anywhere else.

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Our properties aren’t just conveniently close to Tyndall AFB; they were specifically chosen to provide you with access to all the amenities in and around Panama City. Take a moment to relax by dining downtown, on the beaches, or along the ritzy 30A area. Whichever option you choose, you’ll find a peaceful refuge from life’s stressors. Additionally, for guests traveling with pets or family, we offer an ideal setup at our Tyndall AFB lodging homes.

TDY to Tyndall AFB ?

Stay at “Tyndall CrashPads” at no out of pocket cost to you!

  • Nightly rate is LESS than base lodging so you are ensured to be reimbursed
  • No additional fees
  • Approval to stay off base NOT REQUIRED while TDY” (Joint Travel Regulation)

  • Non-Availability slip NOT REQUIRED from on-base lodging provider” (Joint Travel Regulation)
  • You will be provided with an itemized receipt and directions for filling out your DTS Voucher

Enjoy a fully furnished home with fast WIFI, a fully stocked kitchen, and huge smart TV’s in every room!

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